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No, all our courses are held in German (only seminars are held in English when foreign teachers are invited).

If there are students attending who do not understand German but English we will individually translate for them.

  • To offer a place to go for interested people
  • Provide a training facility
  • Organization of Seminars
  • Organization of trips to Seminars home and abroad
  • Contact with other groups for information exchange
  • Common continuing education
  • To help make Ninjutsu known better in Austria

Just start training with us!

If you train regularly the fee for training includes also the membership.

If you want to train with us regularly -> become a member of NBC.
If you are a member you get a membership card and have following benefits: 

  • Cheaper price at Seminars organized by NBC.
  • Cheaper prices at the local Martial Arts shop.
  • Organization of trips to seminars home and abroad.
  • Seminar organization in Graz.
  • Possibility to make test for Kyu rank.
  • Access to the member section at the NBC internet portal.

The membership is included in the trainings fee for one semester.
Currently the fee is:

  • 95 â�¬ for students, pupils and comparable
  • 120 â�¬ for employees

This includes 3 trainings/week in the dojo for one term.

No, you just have to pay the regular course fee for one semster which includes the membership.

Nothing more, nothing less.

We train the principles of Bujinkan not the distinct 9 ryus.

They are incorporated in the Bujinkan system and you will find their characteristics while training.

In general it is possible but we do not offer the training of one particular weapon only in our club.

We train the principles of Bujinkan and not only one Weapon. 
Beside that - in Bujinkan it only makes sense to learn the use of a weapon if there is fundametal knowledge about Tai- and Taihenjutsu.

If you only want to learn the sword, other schools like Kendo or Iaido are more convenient since they are specialized in the sword and it's art of drawing.


The students teacher officially licensed by Bujinkan holding a Shidoshi-Ho or Shidoshi license, an actual Bujinkan membership card and an actual Shidoshi-Kai membership card.

Shidoshi–Kai members graded 5. Dan and higher can ask Hombu dôjô for licences and diplomas up to 4. Dan grade and give them to their students.

Shidoshi-Ho (from 1. Dan - 4. Dan grade) can give grades to students up to one grade lower then their grade. For example: Shidoshi-Ho 1. Dan can give from 9. Kyu - 1. Kyu grade. 

Shidoshi-Ho 2. Dan can give 1. Dan, etc. 

Only Sôke can promote 5. Dan grades and higher, and he evaluates them on the bases of their techniques, character and integrity.

Of course it is possible!
Go ahead and try out everything and stick to what fits best to your personality and needs.
It is no problem to train more than one martial art style, although at the beginning it could be quite confusing mixing techniques and concepts.
Some of us do actively train other styles since 10 years and they have no problem with it.

The most important part of the training is Taijutsu (unarmed techniques). Taijutsu consists of three parts:

  • Taihenjutsu: The art of moving the body
  • Dakentaijutsu: The art of kicking and striking
  • Jutaijutsu: The art of grappling, locks and throws

Furthermore there are weapon techniques with various Japanese weapons like sword, long stick, knife, etc

You register at the training.

There is no upfront registration necessary.

The membership is included in the trainings fee for one semester.
Currently the fee is:

  • 95 € for students, pupils and comparable
  • 120 € for employees

This includes 3 trainings/week in the dojo for one term.

Our training takes place on three different locations.
Please follow this link for more informations on times and locations.

If you want to train at our dojo you must be at least 16 years old.

We decided so due to our experience. The reason is, that we expect a minimum of maturity, seriousness and discipline - which is if at all - given at the age of 16 - most of the time even later.

In many Bujinkan Dojos the minimum age is 18 with some exceptions. We don't like exceptions so we lowered the age to 16.

The next course starts usually with the beginning of the next school semester summer term.
The winter term starts at the end of September / beginning of October.

This is the general schedule - please check our front page around these dates to read the exact date of start in the news.

Yes, absolutely!

Our suggestion:

  • First visit: Come and watch the whole training.
  • Second time: Do not only watch - join us and train.
  • Third time: Train and at the end register or not.


Two Trainings are free. This is your opportunity to judge wether you like it or not.

Please keep in mind:

Joining the training is of course only possible at the beginning of the semester (during the first 4 weeks).

Generally the answer is no since you would already have missed a lot and would slow down the beginners course.

If you already have basic knowledge about Taijutsu it could be possible, but once again not in general.


For beginners we recomend jogging trousers (long ones, because they protect the knees better) and an old T-shirt. We do not recommend female participants to attend with tank-tops /spagetti-tops. Not only are they fragile and might be damaged, they also make it impossible to properly grapple for various techniques.

You can also take Gi's from other martial arts if you have one.

For later a black Gi is recommended.


In the beginning you need no equipment at all.
As you progress with your training, it is recommended to obtain a basic set of training weapons including:

  • Wooden Tanto
  • Wooden Shoto
  • Bokken
  • Hanbo
  • Jo
  • Bo

This basic training weapons are comparably cheap to obtain, but you should not do so blindly. Ask your fellow club members where to get them, and to what you should pay attention - we are more than glad to help you.

Due to the nature of the martial art we practice it is not implicitly required.

For female members we recommend a chest protector, while not immediately required, it is recommended if you practice with our club for longer than one semeser - again, ask your fellow female club members for advice.

Additionally we practice with headguard and gloves from time to time. Clubmembers owning them usually provide them for others to use, however you should get your own gumshield/mouthguard.


Do not worry about your actual state of fitness.

Your body will become used to the training quite fast. However you should be able to do some knee-bends and push-ups to do the basic rolls and break falls.

Ther is no immediate need to be able to do the splits but the more flexible you are the better it is, of course.

In any case, you will gain a little bit flexibility through the training but you have to do extra stretching exercises to become more flexible on the long run.

While it is possible in general we do not offer it in our club.
We train the principles of Bujinkan and not the distinct 9 ryus.

The Bujinkan system incorporates the 9 ryus.
It makes sense to train them all together as they appear in the Bujinkan system.
It might make sense to study them seperately but definitely not at our level.

This depends mostly on you.

The minimal period is about two semesters. To join the advanced class you must know the basics well, and you must be able to fall properly.