The NBC-Graz was founded in 1994 by DI Christian Paar, Ursula Zwicknagl, Christian Schindler, and Martin Lechner in Graz/Austria.
We are teaching and training traditional Bujinkan Ninjutsu according to the lineage of Soke Dr. Massaki Hatsumi, Shihan Ishizuka Tetsuji, and Sensei Dr. Kacem Zoughari.

Doris Köstinger (former Lechner), DI Dr. Christian Schindler and DI Dr. Martin Lechner started their training of Ninpo Taijutsu in 1993, were cofounder of the the Ninpo Bujutsu Club Graz in 1994, and have the management of the club, since their former teacher DI Christian Paar (a student of Kostas Dervenis - former head of Bujinkan Greece) left the club for a Buddhistic retreat in France 1997.

Doris, Chris and Martin, were students of Shihan Dean Rostohar since 1998 and attended many seminars (and a trip to Japan) during a decade of intense training - the received teaching and friendship will be never forgotten. In 2003 they first met Dr. Kacem at a seminar in Slovenia which sparked their motivation to change their Taijutsu. From 2006 on (the first Kacem seminar in Austria) they train with Sensei Dr. Kacem Zoughari and visit Shihan Ishizuka every second year in Japan.