For beginners we recommend sweatpants (long ones, because they protect the knees better) and an old T-shirt. We do not recommend female participants to attend with tank-tops /spagetti-tops. Not only are they fragile and might be damaged, they also make it impossible to properly grapple for various techniques.

You can also take Gi's from other martial arts if you have one. For later a black Gi is recommended.



In the beginning you need no equipment at all.

As you progress with your training, it is recommended to obtain a basic set of training weapons including:


  • Wooden Tanto
  • Wooden Shoto
  • Bokken
  • Hanbo
  • Jo
  • Bo


Those basic training weapons are comparably cheap to obtain, but you should not do so blindly. Ask your fellow club members where to get them, and to what details you should pay attention to - we are more than glad to help you.


Protective equipment

Due to the nature of the martial art we practice it is not implicitly required. For female members we recommend a chest protector, while not immediately required, it is recommended if you practice with our club for longer than one semeser - again, ask your fellow female club members for advice.

Additionally we practice with headguard and gloves from time to time. Clubmembers owning them usually provide them for others to use, however you should get your own gumshield/mouthguard due to obvious reasons.


  • You can browse the shops we recommend to get a general overview here.