The NBC-Graz is happy to be able to present you a Bujinkan Ninpo Seminar with Dr. Kacem Zoughari. We would like to extend this invitation to martial arts practitioners of all styles and ranks. Bujinkan beginners and practitioners of other martial arts can benefit from this seminar alike. It is a great opportunity to gain insights not only into Bujinkan Ninpo Taijutsu, but also Japanese armed combat, language, history and culture.
Seminar details

Topics Taijutsu of the 9 Schools, Naginata, Ken
Date 16th and 17th of March 2019
Location WIKU BRG
Sandgasse 40
8010 Graz only:
Kampfkunst Center Zmugg
Körösistraße 17
8010 Graz


It’s a schools gym but the schools address is not the best for your cars navigation system.
Please use: Sandgasse 47, 8010 Graz

Opposite to this address is a huge parking lot, this is the entrance to the school. It should be no problem to find a parking spot in the „Sandgasse“ it is a „Green parking zone“, meaning it’s free on Sat/Sun. We’re currently checking if the parking lot is available to us as well or locked on weekends. I’ll keep you posted. From the parking lot we’ll set up waysigns so you find your way to the gym.

The gym has showers and toilets, but unfortunately it is not possible to sleep in the gym. The closest accomodation would be the „Star Inn Hotel Graz“

Costs 115,- € until Mar. 1st 2019
150,- € after Mar. 1st 2018
25,- € (Friday training)
Schedule Friday: 19:30-21:00
Saturday, 11:30 – 12:30: Registrations
Saturday, 12:30 – 18:30: Training with short breaks
Sunday, 09:00 – 16:00: Training with short breaks
  • Keikogi (Uwagi & Matashita) – Training uniform (jacket & pants)
  • Obi – Belt
  • Tabi, Jikatabi – Training shoes for indoors and outdoors
  • Naginata (Bo as substitute)
  • Bokutō – Wooden training sword

(only wooden and dummy weapons)

Registration & contact For questions, information and registration please refer to:Ninpo Bujutsu Club Graz
+43-699/103 35 61
Bank connection Easy Bank
IBAN: AT911420020010930007
Accommodation Unfortunately sleeping in the gym is not possible.
  For accommodations check